10 Gorgeous Fulani Braids

Fulani or Fula is an ethnic group residing in many countries throughout West Africa but primarily in Nigeria, Mali, Guinea, Cameroon, Senegal, and Niger.  The Fulani is the largest nomadic group of people in the world with a population between 20-25 million. Fula women traditionally wear their long hair in five braids, a coiffure in the middle, and beads or cowrie shells decorated throughout. It is not uncommon that the braids will hang or be looped on the sides. Attaching silver coins is a family tradition passed through generations of women and young girls for aesthetic purposes. Below are Fulani inspired braids that mimic the forward facing cornrows near the ears with hair jewelry and center braid.

Photos Courtesy of Instagram & YouTube.

BONUS: Fulani Braids Accessories

fulani accessories

Dread Lock Dreadlocks Braiding Beads Golden Metal Cuffs Hair Accessories Decoration Filigree Tube 8mm 10pcs Pack by Magic

braid accessories
Dread Lock Dreadlocks Braiding Beads Royal Blue Baby Pink Green Metal Cuffs Hair Accesories Decoration Filigree Tube Rasta

braid beads
Trasfit 30 Pieces Hair Clips with 100 Pieces 12mm Wood Beads for DIY Hair Braid Accessories


YUEAON wholesale 200pcs 10mm natural painted wood beads round loose wooden bead bulk lots ball for jewelry making craft hair diy macrame bracelet necklace mix color


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