3 Year Anniversary

Three years later is the anniversary of Michael Brown’s senseless death by the hands of Ferguson, Missouri officer, Darren Wilson. Michael Brown’s death sparked racial relations conversation throughout the country and some changes in the community have occurred, although there is still a long way to go. Ferguson is now under new leadership with it’s first Black police chief, Delrish Moss, who has hired more minority officers and adopted body cameras department wide.

The site where Michael Brown died has been reborn into the Ferguson Community Empowerment Center, a facility that will provide job training and placement services for African-Americans in Ferguson. The center will administer the Save Our Sons initiative, which provides job training and other support to young men-at-risk in the Ferguson area. Michael was murdered a mere two days before he would have begun a similar college vocational program, but now young black men will receive the tools to succeed. Ferguson stands strong as an example of how a city’s fight or flight instinct can motivate change.

Ribbon Cutting at site of Ferguson unrest050916_CH_karrprotest_258michael-brown-muralMemorial set up for Michael Brown is seen in FergusonFerguson-Mike-Brown-muralScreen-Shot-2014-10-21-at-12.07.55-AM


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